9 Amazing messages the Happiness Guru “Tony Hsieh” gave us

If we ask ourselves, what makes us happy, we will tell many things. It can be travel, money, the right house, good food, etc. But for Tony Hsieh, it is how much we enjoy life. 

He was an entrepreneur who started his online venture for shoes and clothing, Zappos.com. He wrote a book called Delivering Happiness is best known for his insights. He also gave tips for happy organizational culture. He believed that being happy will not come by getting raises and bonuses. It is the group that you work with and your superior’s behavior as well. He was a great employer who likes to keep things clear with his employees. He had kept a healthy and happy office culture. 

Happiness is a feeling of pleasure and contentment. It is connecting to many emotions, like love, joy, amusement, and optimism. Tony always raised the slogan that satisfaction is not still all the wins. It is sometimes the bare necessities you have, such as food, shelter, family, and friends. It is how you perceive every milestone and get happy from that as well. 

9 memorable messages Happiness Guru “Tony Hsieh” taught:

1. Risk Factor: 

Tony Hsieh was very young when he began with link-exchange. He was only 22 when he had the idea for an advertising company. Link exchange flourished for three years. But Tony sold it to Microsoft in 1999. This tells us that he was ready to take a risk and got into this field. He had an idea, and he tried to make it big. Even after selling his company to Microsoft, he did not stop. 

2. Try Different Things: 

He got involved in Real estate while being the CEO of Zappos. About ten years ago, Hsieh indulged himself in buying real estate in Utah and other US parts. He had no prior experience, but he was an energetic fellow who does not feel happy in one place. 

3. Improving Each Day: 

His dedication to improving the company every day. He believes that if you improvise even 1%, then that is an achievement. Each day, you try to improve the company’s culture, and by percent, it is changing. It is not how large your profit is or your revenue, but what change you brought today. 

4. Culture: 

Organizational culture is more important than an individual’s character. Hsieh said that it is not the individual’s character that makes it happy when we talk about a company. It is the culture that makes people make around the environment. Organizational culture is critical in motivating employees. It helps in developing a better organization. The employees are happy when the environment and culture are healthy and happy. 

5. Accept the changes, don’t be stuck with the status quo:

 Companies do not think of restructuring and redesigning the organization. But Tony Hsieh argued that being in the status quo will only diminish the performance. It will also degrade the skills of the employees. Change is inevitable.

6. Open and honest communication:

is key to the holistic development of a company. Leaders like Tony Hsieh are aiming at better communication with their employees. It is natural to make mistakes, and blaming your subordinates would not solve the problem. If the leader has made a mistake, he should not blame rather admit it immediately. It is the relation between the employer and employee that needs to be happier as it develops the company’s growth altogether.  

7. Visualize and create: 

You need to have a vision for your life, your career, and your company. A vision is an essential part of your goal setting and target establishment. Visualize your dreams and goals not to lose hope and faith in your skills and capabilities. Having a vision will only encourage your company to work and be more productive.

8. Passion and the fire:

within that makes you happy. Happiness can only come if the employee is happy and motivated with their job. Many do not stay in one place because they are not passionate about what they do. Once you find that passion and love working on it, that is where your happiness lies. 

9. More money does not equate to happiness:  

Tony believed that being happy does not mean it is because of our earnings and expenditures. He was an exceptional entrepreneur who thought that being with your family. He felt pleased while talking to your friends. He said that “one of the happiest moments in my life did not involve money or any materialistic element.” Happiness is how much you enjoy living your life. Also, being grateful for the beautiful moments. 

Concluding with a thought that Tony Hsieh has had a young death, but his knowledge is indefinite. His insights are always there to guide us and make us happy. We need to understand that life is beautiful. We should not let go of the essential things that make us happy. Follow that passion and find the happiness that is already inside you.