We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Skimming through the TV channels to find something worthwhile to watch or some lessons on entrepreneur high school. Lost In my own thought process, I somehow landed on a sports channel. A random boxing match was on, with no interest or idea about who was against who, I figured there was nothing better to watch, so might as well stick to this.

Before I knew it, it was the 9th round- two men in the ring, fists up, determination in their eyes, blood everywhere. By this point, I was hooked to the screen, itching to know who would make it to the end and the characteristics that would differentiate an amateur boxer from a truly great one such as Muhammad Ali. Is it training? Determination? Strength? Luck? As a businessman, I looked for commonalities between the man on the TV screen and myself. And then it hit me!

A boxer’s life is much like an entrepreneur’s life. A boxer requires endless guidance, practice, and motivation, not only from their coach but also from within. Each fight won dictates the credibility and worth of the boxer and his team. An entrepreneur faces the same criteria. However, he is in the ring 24/7. Each victory increases the worth of the company. Each client acquisition gives more sustenance to the company to survive.

4 key qualities for business or boxing that could change the dynamics- Entrepreneur High School:

Power of The Punch

The strength of every single punch is one of the essential qualities to defeat the opponent. One can make it or break it with a single hit. Many famous boxers never let a fight even continue to the second round, keeping in mind that a single punch was enough to end the match before it even began. Similarly, a company’s product must be impactful! A company’s product is its punch, ensuring that no competitor can take its’ place in the market.


It is essential for a great boxer to be quick on his feet. The synchronization of every single muscle of his body can change the whole dynamic of the match. Swift and tactful movements are essential for both a boxer and an entrepreneur. There is an old boxing quote “it’s the punches that you don’t see that knock you out.” Likewise, the speedy delivery of the product is going to attract one’s client. Clients thrive on products that are delivered without any delay. With the game changing technological advances present today- customer’s priorities change every day and it is up the company to deliver without any hiccups. Time is of the essence.


Without accuracy, power and speed are irrelevant. Strategic hits can ensure that your opponent doesn’t make to the next round. Equally, in a business, if the company’s product is not relevant to the customer needs- is not worth producing. The product must be something that the clients need, and it is your job as an entrepreneur to tell them that they require such a product, only then it will be accurate and successful.


In boxing, one of the strongest skills that always gives you an advantage is defense. If you can block the punches of your opponent, exhausting his energy without draining yours, is key to turning the tables in your favor. In business, data privacy is imperative. Entailing that you are prey to any form of cyber-attack. The stronger your defense mechanisms the more clients you have. No client likes a breach of their privacy, thus only those who have said mechanisms in place, make it till the end.

Keep growing because you are the only one who is responsible for your growth. The secret ingredient for boxing & business, which aren’t taught in any Entrepreneur High School: DO NOT COMPROMISE ON YOUR PRINCIPLES.