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Rumi Quotes

Who is Rumi?

Rumi, a Persian philosopher birthed on the shores of the Persian Empire in September 1207 which is now Afghanistan. In the early 200s, his poetry and thoughts were popularised in America, leading to becoming one of the widely read poets of the century. Talented artists like Beethoven, Mozart, and Shakespeare had another gem aligned with their prodigal senses Rumi was called as the greatest mythical poet of all time. 

Initial Life of Rumi

He was born into a wealthy family and was a theologist in his younger self; Rumi became a brilliant poet in his last 25 years. He wrote over 70,000 verses comprised of 2 distinct volumes. He emphasized the philosophical and mystical expression of love.

He perfectly gave passionate love and yearning about love, such beautiful words in his verses. But in his second volume, he described his view about morality and how life makes you learn many things while experiencing the world.

He gave anecdotal as well as satirical essence in his poems. Rumi never offended anyone and included every religion in his verses. Today many churches, Zen monasteries, and synagogues have been chanting his beautiful poetry.  

Best Rumi Quotes for You

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi

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Positive Quotes

It is appealing to the subconscious and ignites creativity and productivity. It is a part of our self-care and reduces depressive emotions and brings happy hormones into the work. They are affordable and accessible to all.

They do not require any skill and just take up 10-20 seconds to read them. When the subconscious is constantly filled with a flow of positive commands, there is an uplift in your general outlook and personality. You can check some positive Rumi quotes about life.

Positivity may be added to your daily life in a simple yet powerful way by wearing personalized statement t-shirts. By writing encouraging affirmations on your shirt, you can develop a more upbeat and motivated mindset, which could result in more creativity and productivity. The fact that these t-shirts are frequently inexpensive and readily accessible makes this activity an accessible form of self-care. Look into inspiring quotes from poets like Rumi if you want to learn more about motivating concepts.

Psychology about Positive Quotes

Psychology says that being positive is crucial to recover from any illness, be it physical or mental, as our brain functions on happy hormones which makes us feel alive and healthy.

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Inspiring Quotes

As the name suggests, inspirational quotes “inspire” us to do innovative things and uplift ourselves. It enables us to go forward and above our potential. Inspirational quotes are a great source of brainstorming new ideas and may become the saviour to creative block.

Inspiring Quotes to Be Successful

An inspirational quote like,” Be the change you want to see in the world” by Gandhi; has inspired many influential people like Martin Luther King to stand against racial discrimination. Similarly, we do get inspired every day by reading different inspirational positive quotes to start our day. Sometimes it just does not give us a boost for creativity but also can be a great support when we are downhearted.

Inspiring Quotes about Happiness and Life

Motivated Quotations

Motivated or Motivational quotes are the energising fuel behind our actions towards the goal. Motivation is needed to fulfil our dreams and aspirations in life. Without it, we are unable to even get up for work.

We see these motivational inspiring quotes everywhere around us; on billboards, in the advertisement, watching them on YouTube, and even in songs. So these quotes are counted as one of the support systems we have in our lives.

Why Motivation is Important?

They motivate us and make us believe that we can do so much more than what we have achieved. Motivational quotes are lines that make us help others uplift too.

Best Motivated Quotations with Images