About Me

My journey and life experiences inspire Habit Bomb. It is a tale of self-reflection and particularly the realization that the key driver to success is significant habit formation.

I aspire to condense and communicate the lessons I’ve learned in my lifetime to the younger audience. Things I wish someone had told me when I was in my twenties. In doing so, I aim to build a community of high-performing, self-aware individuals who can take the challenges of life head-on. 

With experience spanning over 18 years working for different sectors including economic development, energy, power, as well as successful start-ups in the real estate and artificial intelligence space, I have 360 degrees understanding of business drivers and high-performing organizations.

My work majorly focuses on innovation, digitalization, and how technology is redefining people’s expectations. However, I firmly believe that at the heart of every great company are the people that make it possible, not the technology. I am a passionate coach and a dedicated advocate of evolving mindset and perspectives. 

It continues to offer unprecedented innovation to Fortune 500 Companies, working on the bleeding edge in machine vision, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality domains. 

I believe that both career and personal growth are strongly linked to the habits you form and the routines that define your life. Pay attention to the right things, and watch yourself flourish.

I feel, therefore, that this is my social responsibility, to mentor and guide the younger generation on these topics. If my writings can make a difference in any person’s life, then I’d consider it my most tremendous success. 

How Habit Bomb Blog Can Helps You to Change your Habits of Mind?

You probably stumbled upon Habit Bomb because you want to finally take a step towards changing your life, develop good habits, or just want some motivation to put you in the right mindset. I promise to make your visit worthwhile.

You have one life. Live it to your fullest potential!.