7 Reasons why Consistency is the Key to Success

Consistency is the key to success; we all know it very well. But we forget it. We make our utmost efforts every day to be successful in our lives. But when we encounter failure, it leads to disappointment and compels us to give up on our goals. We start asking ourselves, “Am I doing it right? Or I should change my goals.” Yet, we forget that consistency is the key to success.

Several incidents in my life experience where I had to give up on my life and business goals. But there came the point where I determined to stay consistent, no matter what it would have cost me. Need to challenge me not to back off, and guess what? What brought out the best of me! This had never known before what I was capable of. You explore the best of you once you recognize the importance of consistency.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” 

– Robert F. Kennedy

Sharing my experience, which has helped me to overcome my failures by being consistent:

Success is to Stay Consistent

We all start our professional life after our studies, or some of us start before it. But you know what? The goal is still the same, exploring the way to Success.

I am very motivated and confident to work. After some time, I failed!

Guess what? Something is missing. Oh… I get it now….I need the right set of skills.

One has to equip with the right skills and feel confident than ever. Now I was sure I would never fail. I was convinced of my good luck too, but wait…. I failed again! This time I was heartbroken, I didn’t want to go through the process repeatedly, so I gave up.

I still have to start all over again but in a different area. I am not familiar; it is even more challenging. I then realized why consistency is important and why we understand well that consistency is the key to success? I should have been consistent the first time I encountered failure. Next time trying the same process would have been a lot easier. Moreover, I had learned so many aspects during the whole turmoil.

Failures lead to Success and always. remember that consistency is the key!

Have you ever thought about why we all are afraid of failures?

Let me explain; we have given ourselves harsh treatment for not weakening at any point. Failure makes us a loser. Why is that so?

No one is born a perfectionist. We all fail in many stages of life and career. But that’s alright. The foremost part is learning how to get back and rise again. It took me a lot of time to understand why consistency is essential to succeed.

Failures have led me to Success. They had taught me there were still many ways to achieve my goal when one of them had failed.

We should appreciate and accept failure. They provide us experience and allow us to perform better next time. How are we supposed to be perfect in something that hasn’t done ever? 

Disappointment is your enemy

The first feeling we get of failure is a disappointment. It’s hard to get over it, but there is always a light at the end of a pitch-black room. We being human beings express our inner circumstances with feelings. It’s normal to feel discouraged, heartbroken, and disappointed. Sooner realized when I took some time to heal, it helped me. We regained my energy to start all over again. Stay consistent in embracing your frustration and move on.

You become more successful in achieving goals

When I achieved my first victory in business and enjoyed the experience gained from it, I felt content to achieve more milestones with the same consistency and passion in my life. It gave me extreme confidence that I can win any game by being consistent in business. One has to become ready for more challenges and higher goals.

Explore your best version

Being consistent in life and business has taught me to explore the best version of myself. You explore the hidden skills that you may never have encountered before.

The best comes out in us when we have been through a lot of experiences. You can never learn if you don’t make mistakes, or if you are in denial of failures.

Learning Patience– while acknowledging that consistency is the key to success

I had been an impatient person before learning this technique. The expected results immediately and. That is the biggest mistake we do in our careers. We need to understand that patience makes you consistent. If you lack patience, it will become very challenging for you to stay consistent.

Patience brings a whole package of skills you get to learn with this attitude.

  • You become focused
  • Your success rate increases
  • You learn how to deal with disappointments
  • You gain confidence in your area of expertise
  • You make better decisions

I realized our failures are a composition of inconsistency and lack of patience. The more patience we develop, the better our chances to succeed in being consistent in life.

You become creative

The moment I learned to stay consistent, I noticed a radical transformation within me. I have felt like an all-new person with more creative ideas. Likewise, those ideas are giving me the best results success-wise.

Look around; observe how successful people think, unlike others.

Let me tell you, they have been through all the turmoil. They get to discover all the pros and cons of it throughout that process. They have a broader perspective.

There is a need to recognize that consistency can make wonders in our lives. Hey, it’s one habit we need to build. Rest all the things will get sorted out as soon as consistency is the key to success.

“Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” 

Coco Chanel