Fear of Failure- Embrace It Onwards!

We all talk about mistakes and setbacks so often, yet we clearly don’t understand the concept or the importance of fear of failure in our success journey. Today, before going into the lessons I learned from my personal failures, I wanted to share my own experience. 

What I learned from Fear of Failure:

I started with two different businesses where I encountered failures that helped me a lot in success. If there were no failures, I wouldn’t be the person of today and now on my way to success. I once wrote a blog that our cows don’t tell a lie and that in 2015 the farm faced a massive disease. Then we had to cull animals for the remaining to survive. It was tough to perceive any hope and that everyone thought there would be no dairy farm soon enough.

“We learned two things very crucial for a success story- 2 P’s in life that is persistence and patience”

These two are the ingredients that make the game a lot better; to meet the ends meet. And when I started a real estate portal in 2016 with the name Aarz.pk, it took almost 18 months to get some traction in the market, but it still could not become a success story because of many reasons. That doesn’t mean I stopped because of a failure. I looked at it as an experience as it gave birth to another business in the technology industry, flourishing.

 So, to taste success, you have to embrace and kill the fear of failure in your life. Take an example of Jack Ma, who failed at every point of time to make it better. Failure doesn’t mean you have to stop trying. If you have to fail 100 times to be successful, and just another try can be the game-changer. It can change the dynamics of everything from the start to this successful end. You have to dream big!

10 Ways to overcome Fear of Failure

Below are techniques, which will help you to embrace failures!

Accept that you can fail

People don’t get the idea of failures and setbacks. They see it as a negative aspect; a big speed bump that hinders the smooth road to success. Most of us are naïve about this road to success. We think it is just the idea generation, planning, and implementation. But failure is inevitable; it is already there when you make a mistake. You can’t ignore it. So rather accept it and move ahead. 

Accept that you have made mistakes

Accepting that you have made mistakes in the past doesn’t make you vulnerable or weak. There is no such thing as a flawless person or success without struggles. Newton didn’t build the bulb in the first try. He made 1000 mistakes, and still, people respect for the successful 1001st attempt. That is why we should accept that we have made mistakes and just keep on trying. 

Be courageous

Courage is something that we say in daily life: “guts”. Yes, we need guts to try again and again. Try harder because our setbacks don’t define us and it doesn’t matter how many times we try. Being courageous doesn’t make you a rebel, it just means you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. 

Take risks

Risks are the things you are courageous for. If you don’t raise your hand to answer a question, then how else are you going to learn whether or not you are doing right. Taking chances make you closer to the goal, but you have to analyze the risk too. 

Plan long-term

Planning makes it highly probable that you are going to achieve what you dream of. It leaves very little to the changes that will go against the goal that you have set. The long-term planning maybe for a year or 5 years, or perhaps it is just for the next day, but having a plan makes the achieving part less daunting.

Be persistent

Having persistence in your life makes you focused and disciplined in achieving your goal. Even if you try to keep the persisting behavior for a week, you become much familiar than before. The behavior turns into an automatic habit which makes the accomplishment of your goal stronger; there is less fear in mind when you know you are going to achieve it. 

Be patient

Patience is the gospel truth when it comes to succeeding in your life. Nobody or nothing can take you to your ultimate goal but being patient will take you there. There are no short-cuts to your plan, never believe anything else, but even the short-cuts have long-term consequences. 

Learn to progress from your mistakes

Learn to grow, and when you make mistakes, you can either learn from it or make that mistake again. You don’t lose when you make a mistake; you get to know better for future endeavors. You get to know what NOT to do now. 

Quitting is not an option

Those who quit not only give up the chances they can have in the future, they are leaving the dream outside too. The goal that you set out to achieve will not be accomplished if you just quit halfway because when you quit, you betray yourself and lose integrity. 

Make mistakes but never settle

When you make mistakes, it means and shows that you have tried. This is not to be taken as a negative downfall. Hence you don’t have to stop trying and settle with that one failure. Settling for less than your goal is the same as not even standing at the start line. 

Conclusion on Fear of Failure

You are concluding that there is no shortcut to success and there is not one example of a successful man or woman who has not struggled to get up to where they wanted to be. So never fear failure – but don’t stop at one success just because you think this is the win. Strive to get to that point where your potential lies. 

Do not fear failure but be terrified of regret