How to develop a growth mindset: Become Incharge of it!

Very rarely in life will you reach a point where you can say, “yup, that’s enough.” and that where the question of how to develop a growth mindset emerges. The beautiful thing about life is that nothing ever stops. Just like the infinite spirals that the universe consists of, everything needs to be maintained to flourish, including yourself.

You Have to Work Hard!

It is effortless to imagine that other people have it easier and seemingly having things fall in their lap while you have to work for it. But the truth of the matter is that nothing worthwhile ever happens without the painstaking processes that give birth to it.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world,” and everyone faces different obstacles that need to be overcome even if they aren’t readily apparent to the foreign eye. Everyone and everything must go through those processes to achieve something. You need to embrace your failure rather than escaping. This is growth.

Family springboards your growth but is not the driving force behind it. While pointing fingers is easy, ultimately, we are responsible for the kind of person we become and want to be. This manifests routines and rhythms we have for ourselves, the types of people we surround ourselves with, the media and content we consume regularly, and how often we challenge ourselves to get outside of our comfort zones.

“How to Develop a Growth mindset- You are a combination of the five people closest to you”

You may not notice it every day, but everyone is a product of the people they surround themselves with, and this is something that is in our hands.

By surrounding yourself with knowledgeable, ambitious, and pleasant people, you take attributes from that and become a more rounded person. Instead of talking about people and making small talk. You will instead find yourself surrounded by topics such as new ideas, new aspirations, current events, culture, and history, to name a few!

Being like-minded isn’t enough; when you look at your relationships through an objective lens. You learn to become more self-aware about whether you are in the right company or not. This habit not only helps you in your private life but also blends itself into your professional life and creates opportunities that would otherwise be impossible.

Finding a good rhythm and the “Me Day” concept

Having a good routine and keeping in line with specific rhythms to balance your day is significant. This allows better time management and improves mental health. You can never please everyone. Hence it is important to make sure that not all your time is being used to make others happy at the cost of your own happiness.

This is where the “me day” comes in. having a day in the week to focus on what makes you happy and reflect on the week’s activities is an essential part of your schedule and one that should not be neglected. Even finding time for yourself to reflect for an hour or two a day is a good way to enable more personal growth, and this will manifest in your professional life in many different ways.

Netflix and…skill?

You’d be surprised by how much your content consumption influences your life and personality. Pop culture has always paved the way for human growth. This is apparent in the kinds of content that influenced different eras in history and how much it shows and influences different cultures in different parts of the world.

By consuming mind-numbing content that was not made to deliver value to its consumer, you hinder your growth tremendously. Not to say that all mind-numbing content is bad or shouldn’t be consumed at all. In a controlled manner, everything can be consumed and not harm your personal development. Still, it is important to keep in mind that what you consume. Whether it’s music or tv shows or video games or movies, it adds value to your life and something you can use in your personal life and leverage in your professional life.

Personal Growth: The oh so dangerous “comfort zone”

How to develop a growth mindset question always arises.

Pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone is vital for growth. Similarly, the way a muscle tears before it builds itself when you work out, your growth works the same way.

Growth is almost nigh on impossible if you don’t push yourself fairly often to get out of whatever makes you comfortable to explore uncharted territory.

This can sound scary at first, but one gets used to this after making it a habit and your future; you will thank your past self for doing this. The fear eventually goes away but not the growth you take away from this. This also boosts confidence, and the skills obtained can be utilized in your private and professional life.