Why Good Life Goals are Important? My Theory

Good life Goals are the critical and important journey to success. Without asking the question, why is goal setting important in your life? Actually, no one can live life to the fullest without them because they have no direction as to look forward to. Most of the time, people forget about the short winnings and try harder to get long-term goals. For example, you want to open a shop or a restaurant, but right now, you are only in your freshman year.

You don’t have much to invest in this goal, so you keep on focusing on the big goal. But you leave out little bouts of happiness like getting the first rank in class or getting a significant internship with excellent pay. It is not entirely correct.

One should be focusing on both types of goals – short-term and long-term. And that is the reason of Why good life goals are important!

Both are significantly affecting your way of happiness. Let us know why short-term goals a significant role is in achieving success. We should keep on getting happy about each small plan completed.  

Before knowing the importance of short-term goals, let us see why long-term aspirations are at a disadvantage. The limitation of long-term goals is that they often seem unattainable and extremely hard to get there. Sometimes people leave their long-term goals and consider them just dreams and fantasies because they cannot achieve them.

It is better to celebrate small milestones to get to that goal.

Short term goals are perfect for those who want to achieve their ultimate goals and not lose the spirit in between. We all should believe in short term goals because they tell us that we have the power within us to do something extraordinary. 

Our brain works on a shorter span, making it easier for us to work upon and achieve short-term goals much more than long term goals. It is easier to set a goal for not eating a chocolate bar today then saying that I will never eat chocolate again (It never works like that). Psychology tells us that we must do smaller tasks so that they become a habit and then a lifestyle and, for the same reason, short-term goals. 

What I have learned by setting short-term goals is that we become more productive and have an organized and clear plan of action for your goal.

The purpose of short-term goals is to make your plan more probable to achieve. The trick isn’t to try harder but smarter, and short-term goals help us in doing that. Short-term goals work like a chain reaction, in my opinion.

Put, once you achieve a short-term goal, you get a boost to accomplish another and another until you are at the top of your ladder of success. A simple example can explain the cascading process of short-term goals:

Let us assume I want to get 1 Million subscribers on my YouTube channel. Now, if I make smaller milestones like 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000… and so on, I keep on focusing at one juncture at a time. Every milestone I achieve, I get a whiff of success and motivation to achieve more and more. This will go on until I have a million subscribers, and I am now setting another goal in mind. 

Short term goals give you an upper hand over the situations and the consequences over your actions.

It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and internal motivation that “You can do it!” 

Now I have established the importance of short-term goals, let us see what you can do to achieve short term goals:Keep your strengths intact: Yes, you heard me, right! Focus majorly on your strengths first, keep on refining them, and making them good automatic habits.

Once you have mastered your strengths it is easy to make probable actions and foresee the consequences. This will make you confident in your decisions and, hence achieving the goals. Short term goals are much easily attainable if they are in your skillset. Like if you are handling a team of five and you need to complete a report by Wednesday then if your USP is managing people, this is your comfort zone, and you will achieve the short-term goal of making the report quickly and in no time. 

Enhance or reinforce your skills:

According to everyday psychology, our actions are only made into habits when they are reinforced or rewarded in some form. If you are appreciated for your writing skills, then only you will keep on polishing your skills. This will make you keep on going to achieve the next milestone. Enhancing your skill set by taking part in courses and webinars for your writing skills. Maybe you could take an unknown road of teaching someone of your skills to make it refined. 

Keep your short term goals simple as these are good life goals:

Short term goals are not meant to be complicated with sub-parts and sub-sub-parts. They are just a simple flow chart which tells you to do this and then that. Like if you have a book review to do and you have the deadline in 5 days, and you have to read the book too; then your short term goals would look like – “Read 10 pages today”, “Read the summary of key points” or “Make the outline of the review”. 

Make networks and utilize it too:

Networks of your common interests can help you increase your productivity, and if you use it creatively, you can easily delegate your target actions. Having a group of content writers around you will make you calm and reassured that this group would help me whenever I get too many tasks on my hands, and they will make me stay motivated to achieve my short term goal. 

Short term goals are the just the organization of sets of tasks made for your final goal. It is to ensure that you attain and become the best version of yourself, and short term goals are the ones that ignite the potential in you and ultimately lead to good life goals. Long-term perception is essential but making short term goals a priority is also necessary