Things That Make Me Happy

Do you know that it is a built-in desire of a human being to experience happiness? But some several reasons and incidents happen in our life that may leave us in agony and sadness. Have you ever met people who are still happy no matter what they suffer in life? It’s a matter of fact that no one can be happy all the time, which is very normal. Sometimes we need some motivation to enjoy happiness, but you have to ask yourself first: What are the things that make me happy?

Happiness is so fascinating, and it brings the best out of you. When we as human beings be happy, we perform 100 times better!

I am sure that many of us want to be happy in life every time. However, there are a few external factors out of our control. On the other hand, we still have internal factors in our control.

It is a crucial task for oneself to think and discover ideas to become a happier person. There have been numerous occasions where I had to think and ask myself about those things that make me happy.

Here is my “what makes you happy list” of few things that might make you happy as well.

1. Being grateful for the small things to make me happy

Have you ever noticed when we start taking so many blessings for granted? It is the time when we feel ungrateful for all the things we have. The most significant change one can bring in his life through happiness is to start being grateful. Pay some gratitude towards the small things and blessings you have; surely, you will find happiness in it.

Every day, when I wake up, spend some time remembering every tiny blessing that I have.  This way I spend my whole day in a happy mood. I also keep a gratitude journal before going to sleep every single day. Daily I Write down three or five things of the day for what and why I was thankful. I Use all senses to fully imagine the positive side of these things and to motivate me to stick to all of this goodness.

 Research also indicates, “Happiness and satisfaction among human beings was measured mainly by gratitude, among mindfulness, confidence in personal control and gratefulness”.

2. Helping others one of the things that make me smile

I always feel inner happiness when I give charity to any organization or help a needy person. I feel happier to help someone instead of spending money on myself.

There is something about giving to others what I receive in return for pleasure and inner satisfaction. Whenever I give, I always have the feeling inside me that everything is going to be all right for me. Helping others is one of the things that bring happiness to others, that way, for me, it is one of the things that make me smile.

 A survey published in 2010 claims that “people were satisfied and happier when they spend more money on charity”. Therefore, this is one of the things that make me happy.

3. What makes you happy list should include good music

Do you know it is scientifically proven that music can lift your mood and make you happy? That’s why I always prefer to listen to my favorite songs to keep my mood good.

The findings provide a biological reason since the beginning of human evolution; music has been such a significant emotional activity in societies worldwide. The research also says that the human pleasure system works actively while listening to good music. Different music tunes give me different emotions that give me various feelings such as pleasure, sadness, or love. So I always prefer to listen to music, and since then, it has become one thing that makes me happy.

I have, therefore, added this element to my “ what makes you happy list ’’ forever.

3.Travelling is one of the things to make me happy

Who doesn’t want to explore the world? As yet, I may not have traveled a lot, but whenever I get the chance, I definitely do. Travelling improves mental well-being; whenever I travel to fulfill my work commitments or on a family trip, I make sure to be happy throughout and enjoy every moment. Traveling makes me happy by exploring new places with new experiences and memories. So traveling for me is like doing adventurous things to make me happy.

4. Smile every day, things that make me unique

Do you express your content feeling with a laugh or smile every day? Do you find the reason to smile or laugh about intentionally?

To laugh or smile is actually a therapy to be happy. I always try to find a reason to smile at small things and turn them into bigger smiles. I enjoy giving a hug to my beloved ones or ask someone else to hug me.

I always wanted to add things that make me unique or stand out from the crowd. You may find many people around you who are in a good mood most of the time. But you know, we all have rainy days. Since I have realized that being happy works as a law of attraction. I have started practicing the act of smiling all the time. Even in the hard times, or even when my child is unwell, or I had a fight with my wife in the morning. Because by doing that, I have noticed a huge change in my life.

5. Spend time with Family and Friends

I wouldn’t say I like to do things that make me unique in a negative way. Spending time with the people I love is those things that make me happy, especially during the stress or depression phase.

The time that I spend with my family and friends boosts my mood and brightens my day.

In fact, I developed a strong bonding with my friends & family to share experiences such as life’s vicissitudes. They are my support system and help me to bring more happiness to my life. Studies have proven people who spend less time with family or friends are more likely to be alone and depressed.

6. Enjoy the Present Moment

I always follow the famous phrase, “Do what you love, and happiness will follow you” I find good ways to bring happiness, like doing what I want to do or love to do. To enjoy the little moments of life, I go outside, enjoy the weather, sit in the sun in winters, and enjoy all those things that make me happy.

It refreshes my mind, and I find peace living in the present moment. I have noticed that the more I keep thinking and worrying about the future, the greater stress I get. That way, I cannot enjoy my present moment and miss out on the things that make me smile. 

7. Exercising has become one of the things that make me happy

Exercise is also included in what makes you happy list proved by researchers. Therefore, I try to take time out for the daily exercise from my busy routine. Daily exercise makes me fresh and improves my mood. Because during exercise, the body releases a ton of feel-good hormones. These hormones may contribute to increased levels of pleasure and reduce stress.

8. Meditation

The thing that makes me unique is to take time out to meditate myself. It takes only a few minutes to sit down, light a candle, and breathe deeply for 10 minutes to calm my mind and body. With meditation, I contact the inner self that helps me to know values and priorities better. This is always a lift in the level of satisfaction. This has also become one of the things that make me happy.

9. Good Sleep and Rest

Sleep is one of the simplest and most normal activities added in what makes your happy list. Just notice how sluggish you are all day if you had insufficient hours of sleep. Lack of sleep causes higher stress and discomfort in my body.

So, I always take a good night’s sleep to handle my daily tasks in a happier mood and more calm way. Research also indicates that having sufficient sleep or rest improves memory, boosts people’s capacity to concentrate, and stimulates the immune system.