How to Make Money In Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy, an enchanting online puzzle game, invites players to embark on a journey of elemental discovery and experimentation. While the game’s primary objective is to unveil all 720 elements, there exists a hidden world within, where astute players can accumulate wealth by combining elements in ingenious ways. This comprehensive blog post aims to take you on a detailed exploration of strategies, techniques, and tips on how to make money in Little Alchemy, helping you uncover the game’s financial potential while immersing yourself in its whimsical world.

1. Mastering the Fundamentals: The Elemental Building Blocks

At the genesis of your alchemical adventure, you are bestowed with four fundamental elements: air, earth, fire, and water. These elemental ingredients serve as the canvas upon which you’ll paint your path to riches. Begin your journey by combining these basic elements, relentlessly exploring their myriad possibilities.

2. Prioritization is Key: Identifying Valuable Combinations

Within the game, not all combinations are equal. Some hold greater value due to their potential to unlock new elements or their pivotal role in crafting more complex items. For instance, merging earth and water gives birth to mud, which can then be combined with fire to produce valuable bricks. Recognizing and prioritizing such high-yield combinations can be the cornerstone of your wealth-building strategy.

3. Categories of Creation: Navigating the Alchemical Landscape

Little Alchemy categorizes its elements into various domains, each offering unique combinations and opportunities. From technology to humanity and everything in between, these categories are treasure troves of potential riches. To maximize your earnings, be sure to explore each category thoroughly, as they may hide lucrative combinations that could significantly boost your wealth.

4. Decoding the Enigmatic Hints

The game provides you with hints from time to time, serving as breadcrumbs to lead you toward uncharted combinations and riches. These hints are akin to a sage’s advice, guiding you on the path to undiscovered wealth. Keep an eagle eye on the book icon in the lower right corner of your screen to access these invaluable clues.

5. Ignite Your Creativity: Thinking Beyond Conventions

Little Alchemy thrives on creativity and experimentation. The game rewards those who dare to think beyond the obvious. Do not hesitate to explore unconventional combinations, as it’s often the most unanticipated pairings that lead to the most significant discoveries. Be relentless in your experimentation, for within the game’s alchemical laboratory, the next treasure could be just one combination away.

6. Sequence Matters: The Alchemical Order of Operations

The sequence in which you combine elements in Little Alchemy isn’t random; it’s strategic. For example, mixing water with earth yields mud, but reversing the order produces a plant. Understanding the significance of the order can streamline your progress, unlocking new elements more efficiently and potentially leading to greater wealth.

7. The Charm of Special Elements

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock special elements such as tools, weapons, and mythical creatures. These rare elements often hide unique and high-value combinations. Pay close attention to their attributes, as they can serve as catalysts for creating valuable assets that significantly enhance your in-game wealth.

8. Strategic Persistence: The Path to Alchemical Wealth

Becoming a wealthy alchemist in Little Alchemy is not an overnight endeavor. It requires strategic persistence and a commitment to the journey. Stay dedicated, keep experimenting, and don’t be discouraged by failures; they are stepping stones to success in the world of alchemy.

9. Record Your Discoveries: The Alchemical Notebook

A crucial step in your quest for wealth in Little Alchemy is to maintain a detailed record of your discoveries. Create your alchemical notebook, whether it’s a physical notepad or a digital document, to document every new element you uncover and every successful combination you stumble upon. This meticulous record-keeping can serve as a valuable reference, preventing you from retracing your steps and enabling you to optimize your wealth-generating process.

10. Collaboration and Community: The Alchemy Exchange

Little Alchemy has a thriving community of players who are enthusiastic about sharing their discoveries and insights. Engage with fellow alchemists on forums, social media groups, or dedicated game communities. Collaborative efforts can lead to the discovery of unique and lucrative combinations that you might not have uncovered on your own. Sharing your knowledge can also foster a sense of camaraderie within the community.

11. The Science of Patience: Embracing the Long Game

Wealth accumulation in Little Alchemy, like real-world endeavors, often requires patience. Some combinations may take time to unlock, and rare elements might remain elusive for a while. Don’t be discouraged; keep your focus on the bigger picture. Trust that with each combination, you’re progressing toward a wealthier future within the game.

12. Strategic Resets: Revisiting Old Combinations

As you advance in Little Alchemy, you may find that revisiting older combinations with new insights can lead to unexpected riches. Elements that seemed insignificant in the early stages of your game may now serve as crucial components in more complex creations. Don’t hesitate to revisit and recombine elements that you might have overlooked initially.

13. Boost Your Productivity: Multi-Device Alchemy

To expedite your wealth accumulation, consider playing Little Alchemy on multiple devices simultaneously. By running the game on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, you can parallelize your experimentation, significantly increasing your chances of discovering valuable combinations. This multi-device approach can be particularly effective when you’re actively engaged in playing the game.

14. The Art of Strategic Trading: Exchanging Resources

If you find yourself with surplus elements that you no longer need for your alchemical pursuits, consider trading them with other players. Trading can be a mutually beneficial strategy, allowing you to acquire elements necessary for your wealth-building objectives while helping others progress in their own journeys.

15. Achievements and Rewards: The In-Game Economy

Little Alchemy offers achievements and rewards for completing various milestones. These in-game accomplishments often come with valuable bonuses, such as hints or rare elements. By strategically pursuing these achievements, you can boost your wealth accumulation efforts and add an extra layer of excitement to your alchemical adventures.


In the intricate tapestry of Little Alchemy, wealth emerges not only from the combinations you discover but also from the strategies and dedication you bring to the game. By embracing the additional strategies presented in this comprehensive guide, you are poised to become a true maestro of Little Alchemy, amassing wealth while relishing every moment of your alchemical journey. Embrace the wonder, collaboration, and patience that this enchanting world offers, for within it, the alchemical secrets of wealth await your discovery. May your pursuit be both prosperous and profoundly rewarding. Happy alchemical odyssey!