Spotify Can’t Play Current Song?Let’s Solve

As an energetic Spotify user, I regularly end up amidst paying attention to my main tune when out of nowhere. Spotify can’t play current song is an issue that is genuine. A fast Google search uncovers that I’m in good company to have this issue. Luckily, with the right fixes and tips, it’s feasible to determine this issue. And pay attention to all your beloved music continuous!

What is turning out badly?

Clients have been announcing that they’re getting a spring up box from Spotify saying, “Spotify can’t play [song name] at this moment”. This blunder is accounted for when you click on a tune and nothing occurs, or when a tune won’t play by any means once it begins streaming. It appears to happen most frequently while utilizing Spotify on an Android gadget.

For what reason does “Spotify Can’t Play Current Song” occur?

Numerous clients have experienced issues while utilizing Spotify, and one of these normal issues is that you can’t play any tune. There are a couple of justifications for why you might be getting this blunder:

  • You probably won’t have a web association
  • Your hard drive may be full
  • Your gadget’s memory could be full
  • To fix these issues and begin playing tunes once more, continue to peruse!
  • A few handy solutions when Spotify can’t play current song

All music sweethearts wish to pay attention to their beloved tracks, and it is extremely irritating when your melody abruptly quits playing.

Furthermore, it’s not only that one melody! You can’t play any tune whatsoever, or you can play a portion of the melodies you need to pay attention to. Therefore, many individuals face the current melody mistake on Spotify and attempt to fix it all alone, yet with no achievement.

If this issue has never happened to you yet, look at our guidelines underneath and figure out how to fix Spotify’s present melody mistake.

Here are a few thoughts on the most proficient method to fix it when Spotify can’t play the current song.

Really look at telephone settings

Check that your cell phone isn’t set to quiet or vibrate. Assuming you utilize your PC for music, make sure that it’s not on silent. Assuming that these are both off, ensure you’re signed into your Spotify account on the two gadgets (work area and versatile).

Attempt re-marking in on Spotify

Numerous a period marking out and move in on Spotify addresses minor issues. While have arrived, be careful about Spotify’s Connect include, which permits individuals close by to see what you’re paying attention to and add melodies straightforwardly from their own playlists. On the off chance that you don’t need anybody listening in on your tunes through open Wi-Fi spots like bistros or bars, cripple this prior to taking your telephone out.

Restart your gadget

If Spotify can’t play current song, At times a straightforward arrangement of restarting your gadget can do ponders!

Attempt this tip and check whether Spotify begins working again or not. Assuming you get the very blunder that the Spotify  can’t play current song then, at that point, attempt the accompanying advances.

Really look at your organization association

If you’re running into inconvenience paying attention to a song, it very well may be an issue with your organization association. An abrupt difference in network can likewise cause interferences, so take a stab at switching Wi-Fi off and afterward back on once more. When you do that, take a stab at paying attention to another melody and check whether things go without a hitch. On the off chance that they don’t-and you know what you fouled up have a go at rehashing your last advance. This strategy should work while you’re attempting to tune in on any of your gadgets, regardless of whether you’re utilizing Spotify on work area or versatile.

On the off chance that your web association is working appropriately, resetting your organization settings could take care of your concern.

Use Spotify on an alternate organization or gadget

If you are facing issue playing a song on Spotify, try it on alternate device. If Spotify works appropriately on an alternate gadget, quite possibly your first gadget is having a few issues.

Clear Spotify reserve

If Spotify can’t play current song, then, at that point, you can attempt another arrangement that could assist with taking care of your concern.

Spotify stores transitory documents and songs played rapidly right away. These impermanent records can create issues while playing tunes. Clear all the disconnected reserve documents and check whether that tackles the issue. To do as such, get Spotify reserve area from Advanced Spotify settings. Then, at that point, open File Explorer to get to that ideal area. Erase all store information in the organizer and restart Spotify. Play your ideal tune to check if the issue is settled or not.

Last words

At the point when you face ‘Spotify can’t play current song, maintain an even-mind!

Before you make hasty judgments, ensure your application is modern. A basic programming update may be all you want. If it’s not, check for administration issues with your versatile supplier or web access supplier. Tragically, a great deal of times on the off chance that Spotify isn’t working right now on your telephone, there’s no other viable option for you except for stand by.

We trust that one of the previously mentioned advances will address this Spotify can’t play current song mistake for you. Read it and save it!

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