Why Mailroom by PackageX Is the Perfect Mailroom Management Software for Coworking Spaces?

Employees have the freedom of coming and going when working in a coworking space. That often leads to a laid-back environment where people do as they want and visit other coworking spaces. However, mailroom management software in coworking spaces can be tedious.

Handling mail for clients is important essential coworking spaces need to ensure that their package management is top-notch. An efficient package management system needs to be:

  • Responsive and versatile to cater to the high volume of incoming mail
  • Designed to cut down on cuts
  • A reliable system with the maximum level of security.

Unfortunately, all this cannot be achieved with the traditional mailrooms. Old-fashioned mailrooms often require full-time mailrooms and staff that can be quite expensive. Resultantly, they are not a feasible solution for modern coworking spaces.

That’s where package management software comes in. Efficient mailroom management software like Mailroom by PackageX can streamline your coworking space’s mailroom so that every package is received by its appropriate recipient without hassle.

How PackageX is the best Mailroom Management Software for Coworking?

Mailroom by PackageX is modern software that enables coworking spaces to meet their package management needs efficiently. It’s an intelligent and scalable solution that can easily be customized according to your needs.

Here are a few reasons why Mailroom by PackageX is the perfect mailroom management software for your coworking space:

1.     Easy Training

Possibly the best thing about Mailroom by PackageX is that it is incredibly easy to use mailroom management software. Operators can be trained to use the Mailroom app. 24/7 support is available for all the users and the customer team is always ready to help.

This ensures a smooth transition from a manual to a digital mailroom.

2.     Automated Notifications

With Mailroom by PackageX, employees can quickly receive notifications when their package arrives. Since it supports multiple third-party integrations, employees can choose to be notified on Whatsapp, Teams, and other applications.

Automatic email notifications with pictures are also sent to employees as soon as their package arrives in the mailroom. As a result, they can quickly retrieve their mail without the fear of it getting lost.

3.     Convenient and Secure Pick-Up

Real-time tracking and a complete chain of custody are available through Mailroom. That helps ensure that the packages are delivered securely to all employees. Moreover, employees can also delegate pick-up duties to other colleagues if needed through Mailroom’s designated pick-up.

Office workers can also have their mail opened, scanned, held, or destroyed at their convenience by using Mailroom Connect.

4.     OCR Technology and Quick Scanning

Mailroom by PackageX is a smart mailroom management solution and uses advanced OCR technology. It enables operators to scan package labels and identify recipients in its directory efficiently. It can scan both printed and handwritten labels. This eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Operators can easily scan up to 50 packages in bulk with a single scan. Moreover, this mailroom management software is extremely cost-effective because no additional hardware or equipment is needed. Mailroom operators can simply install the application on their phones and start scanning.

5.     Same Day Shipping

Additionally, Mailroom’s sister app Dispatch allows businesses to print custom labels and ship packages on the same day. It offers discounted shipping labels for on-demand and traditional courier services and retailers. It provides its users with complete package visibility by letting them track their shipments throughout.

It also comes with a free address verification tool that allows businesses to verify customer addresses to ensure authenticity.


PackageX offers you the perfect package management solution. With PackageX, Mailroom coworking spaces can efficiently meet the demands of increasing mail every day. On the other hand, Dispatch helps in same-day secure shipments.

With PackageX’s multi-faceted features, companies can revolutionize the way they process mail.