After being attacked by a honeybee group while plucking flowers in my garden, I rushed inside my home. Soon I realized that a battle with the bees isn’t a good idea. Now, Bees may have tiny brains, but they are intelligent. Research has shown, the way they support fellow bees is commendable. It’s a real example of an engaging community. Bees made me think of a workplace. Starting from environment, culture, and the importance of We Formation with companies?.

I did some exploration & found several amazing facts about bees. We can learn from and adapt. I already knew one point that bees produce honey, which is a cure to many diseases. But their most important contribution pollination to which accounts for 70% of the food we eat!  Without honeybees, it will be hard to exist.

What Does Be a BEE Means for an engaging community?

Bees are not only important to the environment. I learned how they work as a group to achieve their common goal is awe-inspiring.

Community Engagement – Teamwork, Loyalty, and Respect:

Bees are tiny, yet the most diligent creatures on this planet. They exhibit an exemplary team spirit, where every bee serves a role in the ecosystem. A colony consists of different kinds of adult bee workers: Drones, scouts, nurses and a queen. It cannot survive without the support of the colony. Their collaborative efforts help in creating a new hive.

The scout bee hops from flower to flower in search of the shortest route and assesses the quality of food. The nursing to collecting nectar. Every bee goes through different stages and plays the vital role. This means we should learn from honeybees that Teamwork can do wonders for a company.

Another Job these tiny bees have is to protect the hive from. When a Honeybee stings a person, it cannot pull the spikey stinger back out. The stinger, along with the abdomen and digestive tract, is attached to it. This is why in most cases, a honeybee dies when it stings a mammal.

The bee dies, but it can keep pumping venom, which makes it a great anti-mammal defense. Their stinging is instinctive and does not harm their evolutionary fitness. Because they are better off saving their colleagues than themselves.

This is how they die, protecting their family, with honor and dignity.

Every thriving organization is functional because of the actions of its workforce. US Marine shares the risk as bees do. The risk and sacrifice their lives for the country as well as for other teams. When asked, they say it gives them a feeling of fulfillment.

When companies value their employees, they go the extra mile. And this where- they earn your loyalty.

Investing in its employees is the smart decision a business can make. It’s a two-way partnership and association. They need respect, trust, empowerment, and recognition. The opportunities to uplift not only their skill set but also their behavioral competencies. Along with this, “empowerment brings more accountability.” It’s the Employees that define an organization & it’s culture. Once the aligned, they become true ambassadors of the company. 

Engaging Community  to Focus & Communication: 

Bees do one thing at a time and perform that task with great precision and effectiveness. When they come back from pollination to their hives, they perform a waggle dance in the pattern of eight. It’s the worker’s way of informing the others where it has found nectar. Every member of the family pays full attention to the dance. So they can pave its way to the flower to get nectar themselves. It explains to follow the least viable path, to collect nectar and, in fact, makes their lives job easier.

In an organization, from support staff to C Level executives. Every member of the company holds a specific role aligned to the organization’s goals. The people in the company need to believe in the company’s vision and make an impact. Without impact, the company can’t deliver the real value that the client is expecting.

  If the members aren’t doing exactly, what they are assigned to do, it will create chaos.

The business will suffer and the people within it too. The trickledown effect is more than what we assume. Another concept that should be grasped here is open communication. Whether in the form of verbal, surveys, or feedback. According to research, 84% of the new generation prefers to work. Where is open communication? If the employees are happy. That means they will be giving 100% to the company, which is beneficial for an organization’s growth. Clear communication amongst employees and hierarchy fills the gaps. It has a positive impact on the work environment and helps the company to prosper.

Effective communication involves both verbal and non-verbal interactions. Communication is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and information between people or groups. Sometimes, you know your audience, while other times, you don’t. The communicator needs to convey the message in a way that the receiver understands.

Engaging Community with respect to Leadership:

 The most significant trait of a bee is its adamant protection of the Queen. It’s as if the bees understand the vitality of the role of the Queen. Because if it stops producing eggs, the whole hive will face the consequences. Once the CEO or Queen bee is completely satisfied, the team could go off to do their primary job – producing honey. 

The successful leadership values viewpoints, perspectives, and arrive at the right decision. Employers/Managers must empathize with employees. Empathy enables you to know if the people you’re trying to reach are, in fact, reached. It allows you to predict decisions that will have on the core audience. Focus on positive energy; the work environment will bring a valuable channel. 

Engaging Community – Opportunity and Optimization:

Bees are opportunists, so it should be a company even if there is ample food supply. Bees would keep stocking more, taking full advantage of favorable conditions. The bees are also known as best architects, as they store honey in a hexagonal shape—the best way for most storage. For an insightful worker, this could be a great lesson. A company has a significant number of projects.

There are always more opportunities to take on, which can be beneficial. A company should adopt from its surroundings for effective survival, which could protect the organization from competitors in the long run. To help prepare to prosper in this competitive market. An organization must first work on increasing productivity from within. This includes a good working structure in place.

Like bees, organizations endorse values and loyalty. Forming a community around your enterprise is as important as a social bond. It stems from loyalty, focus, optimism, and the endurance to take on risk. A community needs to understand its core values and driven by them. People are attracted to what you’re offering.


Your workplace is an eco-system/ structure that you have established as per your need. This ecosystem embodies aesthetics, space, lighting, temperature, workstation, amenities. The environment accounts for 70% of your employee’s tasks, which plays a vital role in lifting your people’s mood. Which then reflects in their morale and well-being. It’s a common fact that a lively workplace has a buzz and vibe to it. The right environment prevents employees from distractions and enhances productivity and builds an engaging community. 
A good workplace is like good energy. IT’S CONTAGIOUS!