Warm-Up: 7 Tips for a Warmer Home this Winter

As the air gets chilly, the atmosphere subtly shifts towards cooler nights and even colder dawns; winter tiptoes its way into our lives, announcing its arrival. You can feel the promise of snowflakes and shorter days and even longer, lazier nights.

Icy fingers of frost stretch over these long nights and calm, snowy landscapes, pushing us to seek the warmth and comfort of our homes. You huddle up in front of the fireplace, bundled up in your coziest blankets. You’re warm and cozy and so comfortable…or at least you wish you were as you feel the chill that seems to be seeping in from who knows where!

This could happen if your home isn’t prepared for the cold season! Winter may bring picturesque landscapes with multiple snow sessions for Long Island residents, but this cold weather gets harder and harder to deal with, considering the increasing energy bills, fuel, and maintenance costs. Before the temperature falls below freezing points, bringing in heavy snowfall and strong winds, appropriate measures must be taken to ensure your home remains warm throughout the season.

Still haven’t given home improvements a thought. Fret not! We have compiled a list of the most effective tips and methods to keep your home warm and toasty this winter.

  1. Upgrade Heating Controls and Systems

While older residents are already aware of how cold it can get in Long Island, for those who’ve just moved or will spend their first Christmas there you’ll need a good enough heating system to stay comfy and cozy.

Before the temperatures drop, get a professional to review your thermal controls or call up a reliable Long Island home services company for same-day maintenance and repair services for your central heating system –  most homes in Long Island might already have these systems in place.

However, we recommend upgrading your heating system to a newer model this season. Newer models are designed for better heating performance, all while minimizing energy consumption and reducing your heating bills.

Most homes in Long Island and surrounding areas have central heating systems supported by room thermostats. These devices help homeowners maintain comfortable temperatures. However, not all households might have invested in smart heating systems yet.

If you haven’t considered programmable thermostats, you are missing out on some great benefits. These smart electronics can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times or temperature limits to give you the most comfortable living conditions.

  1. Insulate Pipes to Cut Back on Bills

Insulating water pipes will not just help lower energy bills but also prevent ice formation in pipes, a common hazard in harsh weather as it leads to pipe bursting.

The installation process is even simpler and can easily be carried out by anyone willing to take up a DIY. Visit your local supply store for foam insulation tubes, or get them online and slip these over your pipes. A $20 investment and half a day of work could go a long way in energy savings and reduced repair bills for bursting pipes. For people immensely repulsed by the concept of DIYs, feel free to ring up a local home services company.

  1. Time to Update Your Bedding

A change of seasons should always be visible in your interior choices. Adding warmer tones can drastically change your home’s vibe.

Crisp sateen, white cotton, and flower prints are great for the warmer weather, but nothing screams warm and cozy more than wool-knitted and fur-lined throws. Trade your linen bedding for jersey and flannel. Add some neutral-toned or dark-toned throw pillows, a heavy knitted throw, and a fur-lined quilt on top, and voila! You have the coziest bed for long, cold nights.

  1. Add Some Snuggly Throw Pillows

Your lounge is pivotal in setting the vibe of your home. You cannot survive these harsh, cold nights that stretch into eternity without a cup of hot chocolate snuggled up on your couch. But hold up, your couch isn’t the snuggly type right now, is it? It’s time to add some textured throw pillows, change out the covers on the previous ones, fluff them out, and finish off the look with a rich velvet or wool cable knit blanket.

  1. Little Underfoot Warmth Goes a Long Way

Imagine this: It’s 7 a.m., and you wake up for another day of the same monotonous routine. Getting out of your warm, toasty pile of quilts and comforters is tortuous, to say the least. After a long back and forth with the snooze button, you finally have enough willpower to step out of bed…right onto the cold floorboards.

Now, imagine you decided to add rugs and rich carpets from the local flea market as soon as the air started getting chilly. If you can’t afford large rugs, opt for smaller ones that you can strategically place. You can place them in front of your reading chair, under your bed, a couple in your main sitting or lounge area, and, if possible, one in the foyer.

  1. Rethink Window Treatments

While the summer season calls for shear curtains, sometimes with light cancellation covers underneath, colder seasons require heavier curtains. Start by adding a thermal lining to block out any cold air that may be seeping into your home through the tiny cracks around your windows (yes, they exist). You can top off the look with heavy velvet curtains or drapes.

  1. Soft Lighting Makes All the Difference

While warm lighting isn’t very appealing during hot, stuffy months, it can do wonders for the cold season. Simply adding a candle here and there can change the feel of your home to something warm and comfortable.

Additionally, the long nights can also mess up your sleep schedule. If you struggle with staying awake the minute it starts getting dark, add some warm-toned LED lights or a candle-lit glow around your bed. A desk lamp that isn’t too harsh will help you stay awake longer.

Summing it Up

While winters bring the promise of jingle bells, snow fights, hot chocolatey beverages, and warm spices, they also come bearing the stress of higher energy bills, cold winds, and, of course, never-ending family gatherings. While we can’t do much about the latter, you most certainly can deal with the former.

Hopefully, this article provides all the information you need to make your next cold season snug, warm, and less costly!