9 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Shower Area

Entering a well-designed shower area after a long day is a serene experience, isn’t it? The ambiance, the modern yet functional fixtures, and the aesthetics all contribute to our relaxation. While your current shower area might not be the one you want to rush home to every day, you can surely make it worth the wait with a few upgrades. Especially during Schaumburg’s warm summers when the temperature might soar to 93F, stepping into a great shower can cool you off after a long, hectic day.

So, if you really want to take your bathing experience up a notch, this guide will provide some fresh ideas for a shower revamp!

Let’s dive into some of the best ways to transform your shower space into an area of relaxation.

1.Bathroom Remodeling is A Vital Starting Point

While you’re planning on sprucing up your shower area, why not consider a complete bathroom remodel? It’s not just about adding comfort to your lifestyle.

According to studies, In August 2023, Schaumburg home prices were up 19.8% compared to last year. However, the number of homes sold went down from 119 to 108. With home prices rising and people becoming quite picky, upgrading the bathroom can be a wise investment should you decide to sell your home later. At the same time, a remodeled bathroom can significantly improve daily function and enjoyment for those planning to stay in their Schaumburg home for a long time.

It would be best to hire experts in bathroom remodeling in Schaumburg who can recommend upgrades according to your budget and requirements. The goal is often to create a spa-like oasis that highlights your style while increasing the room’s utility. It might involve a complete renovation or simply replacing fixtures and finishes for a fresh look. Key upgrades like new tub and shower enclosures, tile, cabinetry, lighting, and more can completely transform the space. Hence, working with an experienced local contractor is advisable to ensure proper planning, permits, and execution.

2.Choosing a Statement Showerhead

Upgrading your showerhead can make a big difference in your bathroom. Today, there are many options, like rain showerheads that feel like a natural downpour or multifunction showerheads with different spray settings. Changing your standard showerhead for a new model can improve your daily shower experience.

3.Incorporating Natural Elements

Bringing natural elements into your shower area can create a peaceful, spa-like feel. Small touches like pebbles, stones, or wood accents add texture and connect you to nature. The smoothness of a pebble or grain of wood underfoot can be both visually appealing and soothing.

Adding plants is another way to introduce nature’s tranquility. Plants that thrive in humid bathroom environments, like ferns or aloe vera, bring vitality and freshness. And they provide health benefits, too – plants are natural air purifiers, absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen. So, you enjoy improved air quality along with enhanced natural beauty.

Integrating these earthy materials and touches of greenery brings the calming essence of the outdoors into your bathroom.

4.Play with Lighting

Redefining a space doesn’t take a lot; all you need is the right lighting! A thoughtful combination of soft ambient lights and brighter LED fixtures can transform your shower space.

You can adjust your lights depending on your mood and the time of day with dimmer switches. Begin your day in a brightly lit area that energizes and prepares you for what’s ahead, or wind down in the evening with muted lighting, setting the ambiance for a soothing retreat from the day’s hustle.

5.Frameless Glass Enclosures

The contemporary trend of minimalism revolves around simplicity, clarity, and functionality. Frameless glass enclosures echo these principles. Without the hindrance of bulky frames, these enclosures provide a seamless transition between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. The result is an illusion of increased space, making even compact bathrooms feel bigger.

Moreover, the transparency offers an unobstructed view of your bathroom’s design elements, allowing each feature to shine without competition. This elegance and functional design make frameless glass enclosures a valuable addition to any bathroom.

6.A Niche for Necessities

When designing a bathroom, finding a balance between functionality and visual appeal is essential. One primary concern is avoiding clutter while ensuring essentials remain within arm’s reach. Enter the brilliance of built-in niches. These recessed shelves or alcoves are dedicated spaces for all your shower essentials.

Everything finds its place, from shampoos and conditioners to body washes and loofahs. The beauty of these niches? They’re fully customizable, letting you decide their size, shape, and style. While ensuring your shower remains free of unnecessary items, they merge effortlessly with the overall design, embodying organized elegance.

7.Update Your Tiles

Imagine tiles as the canvas of your shower space. They’re foundational, influencing the ambiance of the entire area. Over time, even the most classic of tile designs can feel dated or mundane. A simple change, like a new pattern or a contrasting grout color, can breathe new life into your space.

Whether you lean towards geometric designs, mosaics, or timeless subway tiles, this tweak can revamp your bathroom without the commitment of a complete remodel.

8.Bench Seating for Comfort

After never-ending chores and work, we all just want to sit down and take a break. And what better place to do that than within the calming confines of your shower? Adding a shower bench carved from wood or sculpted from stone provides a resting spot. It’s more than a luxury; it’s a thoughtful addition for comfort, letting you sit back, let the water cascade, and simply relax.

9.High-Tech Integrations

Technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives, so why should your bathrooms be left out? Today, the modern shower has surpassed functionality. A smart shower, for instance, enables you to set the temperature as well as the flow rate and duration. Moreover, through smart showers you can save around 3% of the water you use every month! So, technology integration isn’t just about convenience; you’re doing the environment a favor.


Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, bathrooms have become a place where we can unwind and enjoy some me-time. However, to truly experience relaxation and comfort, your bathroom and, most importantly the shower area will need tweaks, some of which are mentioned in this article.

Go with your instincts and what appeals to you most – there is no one-size-fits-all approach here. Take the first step and transform your bathroom into an unforgettable place where everything will harmonize with your style and requirements. Keep it cool!