Home Repairs: Things You Must Do ASAP after Water Damage

The sun-kissed white sand beaches of Sarasota, Florida, are some of the most beautiful in the world, giving you a slice of paradise on Earth. However, this small coastal town also remains at high risk of floods, hurricanes, and heavy rainfalls year-round. Over 3,000 homes built in Sarasota have a 26% risk of being seriously damaged by floods and storms in the next 30 years. Water damage has the potential to wreak havoc on your home’s structural integrity and foundation.

Apart from the unpredictable whims of nature in Sarasota, your home has to consistently face a tropical and humid climate. Add plumbing issues and water leakage to the equation, and your formula for disaster is complete!

Sudden inundation and pipe bursts. The smallest cracks in the water pipes and the most unnoticeable leaks can allow water to slowly seep into the walls and flooring and cause significant damage. If your home has suffered from the same, here’s what you must do ASAP to prevent further damage and restore your home:

Call the Experts for Damage Assessment

Whether your Sarasota house is flooded with water or your walls have water stains. Water damage is a serious issue that shouldn’t be treated casually. It requires urgent attention and timely repair by a competent water restoration company. The first thing you should do is to look for a trusted Sarasota water damage restoration company that offers 24/7 assistance and repair services. A team of qualified professionals will visit your home and assess the extent of damage to your home as well as to your personal belongings.

A skilled inspector will take a tour of your home and identify the source of water damage. After that, the restoration company will provide an estimate for your home’s repair and restoration. If your home is insured. The inspection report will greatly help you claim the insurance and get financial assistance for the repair and restoration work. Your water damage restoration company will then carry out the essential repair and damage prevention process until your home is completely restored.

Protect Yourself 

Both stagnant water and running water invading your home can be a dangerous situation for you and your loved ones. Stationary water not only contains a variety of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms. But it may also be contaminated with toxic substances, which can put your health at risk. Wear protective gear consisting of PPE, rubber boots, gloves, and even a face mask before coming into contact with stagnant water. This will keep you protected from potential diseases, allergies, and infections that the water may otherwise cause.

Shut off the Power Supply

Excessive humidity, stagnant water, and wet walls can result in short-circuits.  Since water is an excellent conductor of electricity, any contact with water or wet circuits can be life-threatening. If you find yourself in such a scenario, the first thing you should do is shut off the main power supply ASAP.

Identify the Source of Water Damage

Before you start repairing your home after water damage, you need to know what’s causing it in the first place. It’s easier to spot the source of water if you have a visible pipe burst, leak, and clogged drains or when your home is submerged in water due to flood or rainwater. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint the source of water damage if all you can see is water accumulated out of nowhere or your walls swollen or soaked up with water.

Look for Signs of Water Damage Leading up to the Source 

A professional water damage inspector will thoroughly assess your home to spot damaged areas and the source of the water if it is not apparent. You can also look for signs of water damage, which ranges from peeled paint and mold growth to swollen, stained, or warped walls and ceilings. Additionally, check for any gaps and cracks in your floor, making a path for water to seep in. Check your plumbing system, faucets, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures for any leaks and address them promptly.

Quality of Water Tells a Lot About the Source of Water Damage

If the accumulated water has a clean and clear appearance, the source is most likely a faulty plumbing system, pipe burst, or simply rainwater. A grey orientation of water usually indicates problems like clogged drains as well as leaks from home appliances with a blocked or leaking water outlet.

However, if the accumulated water is dark grey or black and has a nasty odor, there could be a possible sewerage leak, which is highly toxic and needs urgent repair. Besides clogged gutters and drains, external factors can also cause sewerage leaks or penetration into your home, so don’t forget to take a stroll around your house to identify the source.

Once you detect the root cause of water damage. You can team up with your water damage restoration company to create a complete restoration plan and address water leakage issues.

Remove Water and Disinfect Your Home 

In case your home is soaked in water due to flood, rainwater, or pipe burst, you need to get rid of standing water ASAP. Your water damage restoration company will help you pump out all the standing water from inside your home and ensure it doesn’t find a way back in. During this process, the experts will determine which items have succumbed to water damage and which items can be salvaged. Items like textiles, carpets, sofas, and appliances will be removed so you can have a clean slate for your restoration process.

After this, the company will ensure that the entire house is completely dry to prevent further damage before the repair work starts.

File an Insurance Claim 

Once the water damage in your home is assessed, the restoration company will give you an estimate for fixing everything up. If your home is thoroughly covered by insurance for water damage, you won’t have to dig deep into your own pocket to cover the hefty cost. Reach out to your home insurance company as soon as possible to make an insurance claim and get the rightful compensation.

Speed Up the Restoration Process 

Once your home is all dried up and moisture-free, it’s important to get the restoration process started ASAP. Create a prioritized list of renovations with your water damage restoration company and start with the most urgent ones first.

Final Thoughts

When water damage occurs in your home, it can have serious consequences on the structure and foundation as well as your health. If you observe any signs of water damage in your residence, follow the steps mentioned above to safeguard yourself and restore your home to its original condition. Remember, taking immediate action is crucial to prevent further harm.