Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Pigeon Forge Family Vacation

Eastern Tennessee can be the ideal vacation spot for your family this fall, especially the resort town everybody loves, i.e., Pigeon Forge. It’ll offer an enchanting backdrop to create fonder memories with your loved ones while you enjoy hiking its scenic trails or visiting its multiple attractions.

But how do you plan this trip perfectly? Well, that’s precisely the question this blog is going to cover. Here’s how you can make your next Smoky Mountain getaway a flawless, family-friendly adventure:

  1. Visit Pigeon Forge in the off-season.

Pigeon Forge gets the most tourists in summer and spring. If you plan on traveling during these seasons, you’ll have trouble booking a cabin. That’s why it’s a lot better to travel in the off-season, which can last from January to March. Less crowded attractions can make for a perfect family getaway.

  1. Check out local food and drinks.

No tourist goes back from here without checking out Pigeon Forge’s iconic Southern cuisine. And none of these delicacies comes close to this resort town’s wine, cider, and moonshine. Just as Gatlinburg is known as the pancake capital, Pigeon Forge has a few distilleries and wineries where you can purchase locally made moonshine or whiskey. So, check out a Pigeon Forge winery on your trip here.

After browsing alcoholic products, you can have Tennessee’s tasty, yet affordable wine shipped to your home. Pigeon Forge’s wine will be on your doorstep once you book your order online.

  1. Book a cabin in the resort town.

Planning a perfect vacation into the heartland of the Appalachian landscapes isn’t possible unless you rent a cabin in Pigeon Forge. That’s where you’ll stay after completing your hours-long drive to this resort city with your travel-fatigued family. Ensure you’ve already chosen a comfortable, pet-friendly cabin for your trip. Selecting a lodging option with all the necessary amenities makes your vacation hundreds of times more luxurious than imaginable.

Also, this cabin should be close to all the attractions you plan to see on your trip. You can very easily locate multiple cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge online.

  1. Look for coupons and discounts.

Group lodging options make cabin rentals more affordable. You can save money on different activities and eateries by looking for coupons online. If you decide to head to Pigeon Forge in the off-season, many lodgings are available at incredibly cheaper rates.

Remember all the facilities, discounted prices, and free rides available to kids. Toddlers can get free entrance into different Pigeon Forge attractions, for instance.

  1. Make a list of must-see attractions.

Pigeon Forge currently has 80+ attractions cherished by locals and visited by tourists. These attractions range from museums and aquariums to restaurants and boutiques. You can find entertainment options for grown-ups and children alike. Research these attractions and select the ones your family members are the most excited to visit and the least eager to see.

For instance, you can spend an entire day exploring Dollywood, the signature Pigeon Forge attraction. The next day, head to The Island and then the Titanic Museum. Make your itinerary exciting!

  1. Pack season-appropriate clothes.

Packing the right clothes can keep you guys comfortable on this journey and make this trip easily enjoyable. You must be familiar with the weather conditions in Tennessee throughout the year. Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Summer: Highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s
  • Fall: Highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s
  • Winter: Highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s
  • Spring: Highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s

Bring some warm layers when visiting Pigeon Forge in the winter. In the summer, pack lightweight, breathable clothes. Take your hiking boots as well if you plan to explore the mountain trails.

  1. Travel early in the morning.

A perfect vacation can easily get ruined when you get stuck in miles of traffic behind loads of other tourists heading to probably the same destination as you are! That’s why you should try to be a little proactive about it and head to Pigeon Forge with sunrise. Head to Pigeon Forge early and grab breakfast in this amazing city.

  1. Get souvenirs.

Don’t forget to bring a piece of the Smokies back to your friends. There’s no shortage of places to shop at in Pigeon Forge. Locally produced yet high-quality artifacts sold at different gift shops around town are perfect for taking back home as souvenirs. Here are some fair souvenirs to collect just before going back home:

  • Handmade jewelry and ornaments
  • Smoky Mountain mugs, shirts, and posters
  • Local sweets and treats, such as fudge and candies
  • Bluegrass music albums and cabin-themed décor items
  • Paintings and sculptures inspired by the Smoky Mountains


Do you want to make your next trip to eastern Tennessee as flawless as possible? In that case, carefully review this blog and follow the guidelines. Focus on finding the right time to visit Pigeon Forge, packing weather-appropriate clothes, and learning about its different attractions or delicacies. Also, book your cabin beforehand and plan your activities in the resort town for a perfect getaway!